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How to bet and win virtual football

Virtual soccer in bookmakers' offices is gaining in popularity, and it is not surprising, because there is not much to bet on - all "live" tournaments and competitions are either suspended or canceled because of the coronavirus. Players want excitement, they need something to bet on and virtual football is ideal for that now because you can bet on it 24/7, and most importantly, it certainly will not be canceled because of viruses, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other earth cataclysms.

Betting in virtual soccer - detailed instructions and winning strategies Betting online on virtual soccer is the same kind of betting as betting on soccer, but with some specific features, which we will now consider.

Virtual soccer (VFL) is a simulation of a real soccer tournament, a computer simulation of matches using artificial intelligence (random number generator). The player is offered to bet on teams that are fighting among themselves around the clock, play a championship consisting of rounds - like in real soccer. It is the closeness of the VFL to the real game that creates a sense of the reality of what is happening, so the bettor is immersed in virtual soccer, and it really drags.

How to bet on virtual soccer: step-by-step instruction

Step 1. Go to the site of the bookmaker's office. Authorize by pressing "Login" in the top right corner, then enter your username and password. If you don't have an account at Parimatch, you should open it by clicking "Registration".

Step 2. Select the "Virtual Sports" section in the top menu and click on it.

The 3rd step. In the "Virtual sport" section choose "Virtual soccer".

The 4th step. Virtual Football League has a structure similar to the real soccer championship: 16 teams that play 30 rounds (8 matches in each round). Matches last 4 minutes and 35 seconds and take place in parallel (per round). Entering the "Virtual Football" section you can see the following:

1. A broadcast of one of the matches in the center of the screen. If you want, you can switch to any other match by clicking on the video icon next to the selected match. Live results and standings in live mode.

2. Virtual soccer betting strategy. Despite the fact that virtual soccer is a computer simulator controlled by artificial intelligence, betting on it, you still need to stick to a certain tactic. The main strategy for virtual soccer is the correct analysis of matches, based on the data that provides us with the bookmaker:

3.Standings. Just like in real soccer, the standings define a lot, because if a team is in the last place - so it's an outsider if the first - so it's a favorite and the leader. Artificial Intelligence takes it all into account when calculating the odds and giving the results, it should pay attention to and bettors.

4. Team motivation. Depending on the tournament position, the team's motivation will be appropriate. A random generator generates match results, based also on the theoretical motivation of the opponents in the game.

Tactical scheme for the match. You can check the squad and tactic before the match to see the result. If a team plays with 3 forwards, it means it is aimed at the attack and it needs the only victory, if it plays with 5 defenders, it means it is ok with a draw.

Composition of teams and strength of players. Compositions of teams in virtual soccer as close to the analogs, so that the bettor was easier to understand. Each player has certain characteristics, and they change throughout the season, so you need to keep an eye on the team leaders and when they are in poor physical condition, bet against them.

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Attention! The bookmaker gives not so much time for the analytics of matches in virtual soccer - as long as the current round lasts, plus a few seconds after that. So learn to react quickly and evaluate the situation in the virtual championship, and then virtual soccer bets will start to bring real money.